“London Bridges Falling Down”- Teaser Trailer


London Bridges Falling Down – Teaser Trailer from George Glennon on Vimeo.

The first trailer from George Brian Glennon’s stunning London based financial crime thriller, surrounding the international fashion world.

From the first book of his “London Bridges” trilogy.

Written and Directed by George Brian Glennon
Director of Photography Daniel O’Flaherty

August 28, 2017


Muse: A force personified as a women, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

The Girl With The Bow Tattoo…

From Woburn Place to 50  Bedford Square,  I could never Thank You enough

All My Love On This Special Day

You, You one in a million you …G.G. to G.G.



John Wetton

It was with great sadness that I received a phone call from London this morning informing me that John Wetton had passed away after a terrible battle with cancer.

Mike Stone, the producer of Asia, was not only a mentor of mine but the single biggest influence of my music production life. If it wasn’t for Mike and Asia, I simply would not have started making records.  Their direct influence drove me to the Town House (Where Mike recorded Asia’s debut)

John Wetton was a virtuoso musician with a sense and understanding of melody and harmony that can’t be taught anywhere.  He was a wordsmith with few equals. This with Geoff Downes and Mike, created the sound of the biggest selling album in the US for 1982.  An album that changed my life.

John’s legendary baritone was one of the greatest voices in the history of rock music.

It’s been an incredibly bad 12 months from the music Gods.

My thought’s go out to John’s family and particularly to Geoff Downes.

January 31. 2017

London 6/3/2017





I took this photograph on London Bridge while blocking for the helicopter shot around the Shard for the movie.

The sickening cowardice of  weak perverted mentally ill minds is all too familiar to me.

I have many friends at The Met,  Scotland Yard, and LTP that worked with me during the filming of the movie.  Particularly at Charring Cross Police Station.

The police did a remarkably fast job last night to stop the rampage.

Every police officer in Central London should be armed with sidearms and trained on firearms. Every last one.  The Police need the tools right now  to combat this vicious sickness in highly congested central London before an attack happens on a soft target that kills hundreds.    Diplomacy and politics take years. Innocent civilians need to be protected now.

London is my adopted home, I love this city. Everyone that is important to me on earth is in London.

George Glennon

June 4th 2017