August 28, 2017


Muse: A force personified as a women, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

The Girl With The Bow Tattoo…

From Woburn Place to 50  Bedford Square,  I could never Thank You enough

All My Love On This Special Day

You, You one in a million you …G.G. to G.G.



London 6/3/2017





I took this photograph on London Bridge while blocking for the helicopter shot around the Shard for the movie.

The sickening cowardice of  weak perverted mentally ill minds is all too familiar to me.

I have many friends at The Met,  Scotland Yard, and LTP that worked with me during the filming of the movie.  Particularly at Charring Cross Police Station.

The police did a remarkably fast job last night to stop the rampage.

Every police officer in Central London should be armed with sidearms and trained on firearms. Every last one.  The Police need the tools right now  to combat this vicious sickness in highly congested central London before an attack happens on a soft target that kills hundreds.    Diplomacy and politics take years. Innocent civilians need to be protected now.

London is my adopted home, I love this city. Everyone that is important to me on earth is in London.

George Glennon

June 4th 2017





Muse: A force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

Mythic and forever my real Bond Girl in London.

In 2017 the world meets the other… In 2017 the world meets Gainsbeth Alstrom.

She’s been coming for a decade darling, but the last piece of the puzzle came when I walked into an internet lounge in Russell Square on February 14, 2012.

Own it Darling!  The world is your oyster, and  I could never Thank You enough.

December 25, 2016


George Michael… December 25, 2016


george Absolutely gutted to get this news today. George was one of the most gifted pop songwriters and producers that ever lived. Like most true geniuses he was very troubled and I had hoped he would pull out of the latest to live for another era. The second British invasion had an enormous impact on my musical life, to the point where it drove me to London.  I met George for the first time at Limelight in 1986. My thoughts go out to Chris Porter, and everyone at SARM from the old days.

George wrote “Careless Whisper” when he was 17.  What more is there to say!

August 28th, 2016

MILLSThis uncontainable Bond Girl is 32 today. This devastating beauty, powerful, strong, unspoiled, frenetic, mischievous, artistic, and brilliant. Beautiful Yoda.

Not one in a million…One of a kind

All My Love,

G.G. to G.G.

Helicopter around The Shard, darling? …If I promise not to be the one flying it?











None better…..EVER!

Burt on the mind as I finish the theme to “LBFD”.

Looking to bring some serious magic with some very special people into “Church 1”, later this year.

George Martin


George 1





George Martin was the greatest record producer who ever lived. He was the most influential and seminal record producer who ever lived.  He made the greatest A&R signing in the history of recorded music, and was the steward of the greatest band in the history of popular music. Popular music doesn’t exist as it does today without his direct influence.

To myself an all of my brothers in the MPG, George was the standard bearer  of excellence, vision, and risk taking to which we all try to hold ourselves.

I had the enormous privilege and honor of knowing this great man for 18 years.  My thought’s go out to Giles, Lady Judy and Family.

MPG And Brit Awards 2015





The music awards season in London was a welcome break from the production shooting of my financial thriller “London Bridges Falling Down” which wrapped principal photography on site at London Fashion Week. The Producers Guild Awards were the highlight of, and the best night of the year. Gorgeous British actress Laura Bingham, the co-star of my film, was my guest for the evening and she made quite a splash. I got to introduce Laura to much of the leadership of the music industry and even got well wishes from Boy George (the first time we’ve met) who a was a really sweet guy and completely taken in by her. Paul Epworth deservedly won producer of the year again, and we got to see everyone from September Management and XL. Good to see old friends Mick Glossop, Tony Platt, Tommy D and Sue Sillitoe as well. What a night!

Photos Top: Legendary Producer’s Guild Chairman Steve Levine, Producer/writer George Glennon, Actress Laura Bingham
Next: Laura, George
Final: Laura Bingham, Producer of the year Paul Epworth, George Glennon