MPG collage(March 5, 2013)

As soon as I walked in I saw John Leckie and I new it was going to be a really special night. The MPG Awards were one of the best nights by far and they just continue to get better every year. There was so much talent in this relatively small gathering that it was frightening. The best of the old generation and the best of my generation were present for this special night. So many highlights, the best of which was seeing Sir George Martin again. It was quite emotional to see George receive his lifetime achievement award in front of generations of record producers and engineers. George received a rousing standing ovation for a couple of minutes, and was feted in video tributes by Paul and Ringo.

Another highlight was seeing Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones present the truly legendary Glyn Johns with the MPG inspiration award. Glyn got very emotional and had words none of us will ever forget.

Paul Epworth represents the best of my generation. His work with Adele and Florence have set the bar. Paul won the Brit Award for producer of the year (Which is given out at the MPG ceremony) for the second time in three years. When they took that photo of us he was holding so many gongs I though he was going to drop them so he put them on the table behind us…I wasn’t about to touch any of them out of superstition…and since the MPG Awards didn’t Paul just go out and win himself an Oscar!

It was great to see Jake Gosling who was also nominated for producer of the year for his work with Ed Sheeran and others and he certainly deserves to be mentioned for being at the top of his game.

I had the great pleasure of sitting for dinner with yet another legend Mike Howlett, Grammy winning 80’s producer and Chairman emeritus and co-founder of the MPG. I got to talk all manner of the music business with Mike for a couple of hours. Pretty special.

Later that evening I was coming out of the front lobby into the middle lobby and I found myself face to face, alone in a conversation, with Bill Wyman and Glyn Johns. About as surreal as it gets.

This is about the best night on the music calender. There isn’t anything comparable to this event in the US music industry. Music Week ran a great lead article on the event the following week, and it received a great deal of UK press.

The entire MPG Awards Committee and leadership deserve a great deal of acknowledgement in being the catalyst that makes this night happen. Truly outstanding and one of a kind!